Namibia to sell 1,000 wild animals due to drought

Posted on 18 June 2019

The sad news broke recently that Namibia’s drought has become so severe that the country plans to sell off about 1,000 of its wild animals as water becomes more and more scarce.

According to a number of publications, animals from some Namibian national parks will be auctioned off to prevent them from starving and improve their quality of life. This act is also meant to control and better manage the populations of wild animals in parks.

Southern Namibia

The public auction will see various iconic African species being sold, from giraffe, elephants, springbok and buffalo, to Namibia’s iconic gemsbok, or oryx as it’s better known across the Orange River border.

Driving up from Vioolsdrif over the border and up to Rehoboth on the B1 national road and beyond, you’ll notice a number of bridge crossings signposted and referring to numerous little rivers which have long since dried up.

Namibia’s drought has affected the wildlife so much that this auction will only serve to minimise the drought’s damage to the existing animals and the ones who will find new owners. The proceeds from this public auction are expected to come to about R16,500,000, which will go into conservation efforts in Namibia.

The main point of contention, however, is that these hundreds of animals will likely find new homes at game farms, where they’ll be reared and bred for hunting.

Image: supplied/Getaway Gallery


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