NGO launches wildlife trade search portal

Posted on 3 April 2020 By Anita Froneman

International wildlife watchdog TRAFFIC launched its new Wildlife Trade Portal on Thursday 2 April, which allows users to look up wildlife trade incidents across the world from records on a database.

This search portal aims to make information available to anyone interested in matters of illegal wildlife trade and hopes to aid research and projects aiming to shut down these trades.

‘Illegal wildlife trade is devastating wildlife species the world over, as poachers, traffickers and highly-organised criminal syndicates ruthlessly pursue profit at any cost to meet consumer demand,’ the organisation says on its website. ‘We’re on the frontline working to ensure that illegal wildlife trade is identified, prevented, and prosecuted at every opportunity.’

Users can also upload their own related data to supplement the information the portal contains.

‘As this is the first iteration of the Portal, it currently consists of data relating to illegal wildlife trade – we are planning to implement further updates in future which will aim to expand this,’ the organisation says. ‘All information available on the Portal is obtained from publicly accessible or “open” sources. More records will be added on a regular basis.’

To create an account to access the database, click here. To learn more about TRAFFIC and the work they do or how you can support, view here.

Image: Unsplash


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