Nissan Juke is the UK’s cheapest Airbnb rental

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 6 September 2019

You may just find Britain’s cheapest Airbnb rental in the backseat of a car, on the Isle of Sheppey off the coast of Kent.

For a total R164 per night, including a £1 (R18) service charge, this £8-rental appears to be the cheapest accommodation listed on the popular home-sharing rental app.

Images: Airbnb

Sapphire’s Sheppey Car Camping near Beach is real and punted as a ‘beachfront’ listing on the Airbnb site, managed by host Desiré, and located in a white Nissan Juke.

Desiré’s description of the place is ‘cozy and affordable camping stay’.

The guest room on wheels is kitted out with an inflatable mattress and two small inflatable camping pillows. The host has included some scatter cushions as well, ‘for your comfort’.  Listed amenities include basic ablution essentials located in an outdoor tented toilet with a makeshift sink and vanity, a ‘lock on the bedroom’, hangers and guest access via a private entrance.

Images: Airbnb

The ‘private guest toilet tent,’ as well as an electric socket for charging and connectivity, is located in the backyard of the host’s property. The toilet tent employs a kitty litter waste management system, and has a side table with paper towels, water dispenser, bucket and basin and a few hygiene and cleaning supplies which comprise the compact ablution facilities.

On request, the compact SUV can be parked at the front of Desiré’s house and guests can have access to a shared bathroom on the property.

Other touches include a cooler bag in the front seat of the car, storage in the vehicle’s boot, including a small bin, and the best of all – a large mug proclaiming ‘I love camping’, with an image of a tent where a heart would go. The SUV also has tinted windows and a sunshade for the windshield, again, ‘for your privacy’.

A complimentary happy camper’s mug, sun shield and tinted windows for privacy, and cooler bag. Images: Airbnb.

For host Desiré, a customer relations officer with a background in the beauty industry, Sapphire’s Sheppey Car Camping is not her only usual, thrifty and resourcefully-furnished rental. If SUV rental is booked up, be sure to check out Sapphire’s Sheppey Tent, a one-person tent rental located in her backyard!

Images: Airbnb

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