Plettenberg Bay becomes a Whale Heritage Site candidate

Posted on 27 October 2022 By Jordyn Johnson

Plett Tourism has proudly announced that Plettenberg Bay is a candidate to become a Whale Heritage Site, due to its focus on supporting ocean wildlife and marine biodiversity.

Plett is a Whale Heritage Site candidate

Photo: Rob Smith

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) recognises worldwide destinations that support cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins, in their ocean habitats. The WCA is responsible for the initiation of the Whale Heritage Site title and encourages the communities to continue protecting cetaceans as well as celebrate them ‘through local culture, arts and events, supporting local economic and environmental sustainability; and developing locally based science, research and education,’ reports Plett Tourism.

Plettenburg Bay is a perfect candidate for this title as its location is just right for scientific research as well as ocean tourism activities. The WCA believes that ‘sites like Plettenberg Bay have the potential to lead the way in responsible tourism, research, and conservation, helping local communities and visitors alike to celebrate and care for the marine environment.’

The benefits of such accreditation would be an increase in the tourism business, as well as ‘significant marine science linkages with international counterparts,’ says Lloyd Edwards of Raggy Charters.

For more information on Plett’s candidacy to become a Whale Heritage Site, visit Plett Tourism.

Pictures: Getaway gallery

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