Popular movie locations to visit worldwide

Posted on 19 April 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

Do you ever wish you could live alongside the characters of your favourite movie and experience their world? Although this may not be entirely possible, travelling to the exact location where the movie was filmed can grant you a glimpse of the experience.

Many popular movies and shows were filmed at locations around the world which can actually be visited.

Niagara Falls

Picture: Unsplash / Edward Koorey

Niagara Falls has over 140 movie credits and is one of the world’s most filmed destinations. There are a number of popular movie scenes which have been shot with these breathtaking Falls as the backdrop. Some of them include American Christmas-themed comedy Trapped in Paradise, as well as popular horror movie The Dead Zone.

Central Park

Picture: Sourced / Unsplash

New York’s Central Park has been a filming ground for many movies, shows and documentaries. The area boasts an abundance of historical landmarks, iconic sites and breathtaking landscapes. Some of the popular films shot in Central Park include What Happens in Vegas, Old Dogs and Sex in the City.



Image: Jess Loiterton/Pexels

For many years, Hawaii has been a desirable location for filming. The destination’s beautiful islands, landscapes and oceans form part of the stuff which great movies are made of. Over the last century, there have been over 100 movies shot in Hawaii. Some of them include South Pacific, North Shore and Jurassic Park.

In fact, upon visiting Hawaii, you can even go on guided Jurassic Park-themed tours where you explore multiple filming locations from the movies.


Taking a walk down the streets of Dubrovnik in Croatia can very easily remind you of Game of Thrones. This is because the gothic architecture and cobblestone roads are what form part of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the drama series.  When visiting Croatia, the Old Town Neighbourhood is also a great place to snap some selfies in particularly iconic spots.


Greece. (Picture: Getaway Gallery)

Apart from it being a bucket list destination due to its natural beauty and rich culture, Greece is also a popular filming location. You can spot the colours and stunning architecture of the Greek Island in popular movie Mamma Mia. Although the story takes place on a fictional island, you can visit the real-life island, Skopelos, where the film was shot. There is also a bus tour that can take you to several iconic filming locations throughout Greece.

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