Pride of lions make themselves at home in Hoedspruit

Posted on 14 January 2021 By Anita Froneman

It’s a scary thought to imagine coming home, only to find that your house has been invaded by strangers. However, a family in Hoedspruit didn’t mind their visitors too much.

The De Beer family could not believe their eyes when they found a pride of lions relaxing on their front porch, unfazed by the humans’ arrival. Some were inspecting the boma while others appreciated the mountainous view.

‘So we arrive at my Father’s house on Leadwood Estate today only to find someone has already moved in…’, David De Beer said on Facebook. The best part is, this Hoespruit house is newly built and in the market, so avid safari-goers have the chance to get their hands on this prime property.

Facebook users were in awe of this spectacular sighting. ‘You have free security!’ one user commented. ‘Scary but awesome,’ another added.

Take a look: 





Pictures: David De Beer.

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