Rare white lion sighted at Orpen waterhole

Posted on 11 June 2020 By Anita Froneman

A white lion was filmed on the Orpen webcam in the Kruger National Park having an early morning drink and some fun with its pride on Wednesday [11 June].

Unlike albino animals that lack pigmentation, white lions have a rare genetic mutation that results in reduced pigmentation and have blonde or very light tan coloured fur.

They are indigenous to the Greater Timbavati region and the earliest records of white lions are from 1938, according to White Lion Trust.

The Trust explains that after being hunted to near extinction in the 1970s, white lions were removed from the wild and bred in captive programmes. They were later reintroduced to the wild and a ban on trophy hunting in the Timbavati region and surrounding nature reserves helped the population slowly to recover.

The first wild white cubs were born in the Timbavati area in 2006 and Kruger National Park had its first occurrence of white lion cub births in 2014.

Watch the animal enjoying a predawn drink and playfully biting one of the other lions. 

Take a look at some of the best wildlife action in various SANParks on their live webcams here.

SANParks opened for visitors on 8 June, and safari goers were overjoyed to be back in nature again.

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Image credit: SANParks/ Screenshot from video


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