SANParks creates safe zones for vultures in Karoo

SANParks, Mountain Zebra Camdeboo Protected Environment (MZCPE), Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), SANParks Honorary Rangers and Birdlife SA have recently formed a partnership to create safe zones for vultures in the Karoo.

The purpose of these safe zones is to attract vultures back to Central Karoo. Vulture Awareness Day falls on Sunday 1 September 2019, aligning perfectly with the timing of the project.

A presentation on Vulture Safe Zones is being held on Wednesday, 14 August in Graaff-Reniet for any birding clubs, MZCPE landowners, local environmentalists or anyone who wants to find out more. For more information on how to get involved, visit SANParks webiste here.

Recently in the Kruger National Park, over 100 vultures were killed after feeding off the carcass of a poached buffalo, which had been laced with poison. A heartbreaking feat for the community.

Various vulture conservancies exist around the country. A notable one are the vulture restaurants that Project Vulture has created.

A vulture restaurant is an “undisturbed area where non-toxic, poison-free  meat and carcasses are provided for vultures and other scavengers. This supplementary feeding supports the vultures in times of food scarcity and when young birds fledge.

“As well as providing a safe food source, vulture restaurants provide land owners with a clean and cost-effective way of disposing of waste and unwanted carcasses. Using vulture restaurants, farmers are contributing to conservation efforts and disposing of their waste in an environmentally-friendly way.” reads the organisation’s website.

Vultures play a vital role in the food chain as scavengers. These beautiful birds help to eradicate disease by feeding off the scraps of carcasses that are left behind from a kill.

It is important that work like this is being done to protect and preserve these birds.


Image source: Unsplash

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