Save Our Seas Foundation funds 61 projects in 2021

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 22 July 2021

Save Our Seas Foundation received an overwhelming number of applications from very hopeful conservationists, young scientists and local initiatives seeking support to make a positive change for our seas, and 61 projects have been awarded the foundation’s funding.

Save Our Seas Foundations funds 61 projects in 2021

The foundation celebrates its 18th year dedicated to protecting life, especially sharks and rays in our oceans by investing in research, conservation and education projects.

The foundation normally funds 50 projects but has recently announced the funding of 61 projects for the year 2021 which makes it the largest group of projects they have ever funded. The foundation has also received an overwhelming 50% increase in applications for its keystone grants.

‘From researchers harnessing citizen science to solve local problems, to projects that meet current conservation crises with cutting-edge technology, this year’s grant recipients span all seven continents and embrace a new era of innovation, communication and compassion.’ read the statement.

South Africa’s Shark Spotters announced on their Facebook Page that they are one of the 61 projects that have been awarded funding by the Save Our Seas Foundation again. The foundation has been their primary funder for over 12 years, allowing them to grow stronger over the years and work towards their vision of a sustainable coexistence of sharks and people in the ocean.

Picture: Unsplash

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