Sky lanterns to be avoided near coastal areas

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 17 May 2021

The setting off of Sky Lanterns near coastal areas has been appealed to the public by the National Sea Rescue Institute after one was confused for a red distress flare when it was spotted off the coast of Port Edward.

Sky lanterns to be avoided near coastal areas

The Good Things Guy reported that last week Friday, the NSRI Port Edward crew dispatched for duty after an eye-witness reported red distress flares off-shore Port Edwards North Sand Buff Lighthouse and towards the area of Grannies Pool Beach.

After many resources had gone to waste a second member of the public confirmed that Sky Lanterns were being set off at 5-minute intervals.

‘MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) were alerted, and although there were no reports of any vessel in distress, Telkom Maritime Radio Services were tasked to alert a motor vessel 10 nautical miles off-shore to keep a lookout.’

PICTURE: Unsplash

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