Social media influencers arrested for changing Hollywood sign

Posted by Kyro Mitchell on 4 February 2021

Two influencers and four of their friends were arrested earlier this week after they attempted to change the iconic Hollywood sign to read ‘Hollyboob’.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the reason behind their decision was to raise awareness for breast cancer and to send a message to Instagram over its censorship policies.

Julia Rose, one of the social media influencers behind the stunt, described the incident as ‘awesome’ during an interview with the LA Times. For those unaware, Rose has previously been censored and banned from Instagram for breaking the platform’s nudity policy.

Rose, along with help from four friends and fellow influencer Jack Tenney, showed up at Mount Lee, where the sign is located with two tarps in tow. One of the tarps was used to hang over the ‘W’, while the second smaller tarp was used to transform the ‘D’ into a ‘B’. The group managed to get all the way to the sign by hiding the tarps inside a baby stroller, while Rose and Tenney pretended to be husband and wife.

It took between 15 and 20 minutes to alter the sign before they made their way back down, where police were already waiting for them. According to the LA Times, the LAPD spotted the group while they were hiking up to the sign via video surveillance cameras placed around the location.

A police helicopter also spotted the group. Surprisingly, Los Angeles Police Department officials said the group weren’t charged with vandalism because there was no physical damage to the sign. They were, however, arrested for trespassing, and released later that same night.

Mark Panatier, chairman of the Hollywood Sign Trust told the LA Times, ‘This is an icon that’s there for visual reinforcement of the importance of Hollywood, not just for the city of L.A. but to the world. It needs to be upheld; it doesn’t need to be demeaned.’

Picture: Twitter/@smblanc1793




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