South Africa ranks as 10th most beautiful country in the world

Posted on 20 May 2024 By Savanna Douglas

South Africa has secured its spot as the 10th most beautiful country in the world, according to a recent survey.

Recently, a survey published by Rough Guide drew from reader votes around the globe to determine the most beautiful countries in the world.

Among countries that ranked high in the survey, New Zealand claimed the top spot, with its stunning scenery and landscapes. Italy, known for its rich cultural heritage and great natural beauty, secured second place, followed by Canada in third, celebrated for its dramatic scenery and wildlife.

France, with its countryside landscapes and varied attractions, claimed the fifth spot, while Switzerland, renowned for its spectacular scenery and pristine lakes, ranked fourth.

Unsplash / Lina Loos

South Africa earns its spot

South Africa earned its spot as 10th on the list of the world’s most beautiful countries, and as the only African country to make the top 20 (though, as per Rough Guide, Namibia did receive a fair share of nominations.

Readers praised SA’s diversity of scenery, its raw natural landscape, roads and ocean. Of course, Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain earned a mention, with penguin-packed beaches less than a stone’s throw away. Naturally, the wine-growing valleys of the Western Cape also attribute to our country’s beauty, along South Africa offering some of the world’s best safari experiences.

Unsplash / Damian Patkowski


Here’s the full list of the world’s most beautiful countries, as voted by readers of Rough Guide:

20. Japan
19. Slovenia
18. Portugal
17. Indonesia
16. India
15. Croatia
14. Argentina
13. Iceland
12. Chile
11. USA
10. South Africa
9. Greece
8. Australia
7. Norway
6. United Kingdom
5. France
4. Switzerland
3. Canada
2. Italy
1. New Zealand


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