Spain eases lockdown restrictions

Posted on 6 May 2020 By Anita Froneman

Europe has been under extreme lockdown regulations since the COVID-19 outbreak. In Spain, similar to our own Level 5, no one was allowed to go outside except for essential work or buying groceries and these laws have been very strictly enforced.

‘Spain is all about socialising, sitting outside till late, having fun, making noise,’ writes Lola Culsán in The Guardian. ‘Children are to be seen and heard. For the first six weeks of the lockdown, the only human life I observed on the streets was from scurrying, paranoid, masked adults.’ This sounds all too familiar to South Africans.

After an arduous nearly eight weeks of ‘hard lockdown’, Spain’s residents were finally allowed to go outside for exercise. Residents speaking to Culsán expressed their joy after being outdoors for the first time in a very long time.

‘Lack of exercise affects your mood,’ said Jo Evangelista. ‘It feels like I’ve been sitting with duct tape around me, not able to do anything to lift my mood. I cycled up into the hills this morning. It was amazing. I could smell the herbs and flowers.’

Interestingly, Spain’s approach to easing the lockdown is by allocating different time slots to different age groups to go outside.

Happy campers took to Instagram to celebrate their newfound freedom:


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{Day 114}: Spain has slightly relaxed the lockdown this weekend, meaning we can go outside!! We took the opportunity to walk the short distance down to a secluded beach near us and have a sunrise dip in the sea. The water was so still, clear and fresh we felt so invigorated after. It has reignited our excitement for getting back to travelling, exploring and experiencing things like this! Even if it is a while away, we can keep this experience front of mind to keep us going. Was still gasp-as-you-get-in-cold mind you!!!

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FREEDOM!!! After 48 days of strict mandatory home confinement in Barcelona, we are FINALLY allowed outside under still-strict rules like time-tables, that I am more than happy to oblige by! . So many emotions happened when I finally stepped outside and saw people running…and didn’t feel like I was going to get arrested. I teared up trying to film it all while also continuously moving as per the rules. . I just want to say a big THANK YOU for everyone on here who supported and motivated me through all of this…yes we were “all in this together”, and I’m not at all looking for pity, but it was very hard leaving my life in the US, moving to Spain, then getting put in these strict confinements for so long, and choosing to deal with them rather than just go back to the US where the rules were more relaxed. . Also want to thank everyone who actually stayed inside and cared about not spreading the virus, and of course, healthcare and essential workers. My heart goes out to the people and families who were lost because of this virus, as well as those who were lost from other awful diseases, including depression and suicide. . And now for some good news!!! . 1. Thanks to this home confinement, I have finished the majority of my book (see the preview on my blog) and sent it to my editor! I also finally designed my first three bikini line designs and am awaiting the samples! They will be made by ethical workers in Bali and from recycled materials (limited supply lmk if you’re interested) . 2. Since we cannot leave the area of Barcelona for the entire month, I’ll have plenty of time to show you each neighborhood, starting with MINE! Casa Quarantina is located just one block from the Arc de Triumf in a popular area called El Born! . 3. Deaths have been less than 300 in Spain for the last few days, and rate of recoveries is drastically higher than new infections. It’s also hot AF so hoping they all magically burn away! Also, according to the PM, travel around Spain will resume end of June! . How are you all doing?? Tell me some good news!! Can you guess the first place we ran to today?? . . #freedom #barcelona #elborn #arcdetriumf #barcelonalockdown #spainlockdown

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