Spanish police entertain families during lockdown

Posted on 25 March 2020

Spanish police on the island of Mallorca undertook some unusual ‘duties’ by playing guitar and singing to people who are stuck at home during lockdown.

Heidi Friedenberger, a resident of the town of Algaida (about 23km east of the island’s capital, Palma de Mallorca) filmed the officers emerge from their patrol cars and burst into song.

The island will remain in lockdown until 11 April, after the government extended the lockdown period which began on 14 March.

According to Market Watch, by Tuesday 24 March, the Spanish death toll had risen ‘to 2,696, with nearly 40,000 infections. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned the ‘worst is yet to come’ for an already strained health-care system that still lacks enough protective gear for workers.

Hotels and an exhibition centre with 5,500 beds have been set up as hospitals in Madrid, and an ice-skating rink will serve as a makeshift morgue.

Spain’s Congress will likely approve another extension of 15 days of emergency measures on Wednesday.

‘That means staying at home (#quedateencasa) with only one member of my household allowed out at any one a time for food, medicine or a doctor visit. Fines of up to 600,000 euros (about R11 miilion) face offenders.’

In Spain, dog owners are allowed to take their pets out briefly.


Image: YouTube

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