SPCA rescue jackal from Bloemfontein petting zoo

Posted on 5 June 2020

The SPCA in Bloemfontein recently rescued a jackal from a local petting zoo after receiving an anonymous tip-off. The animal was being held captive in an extremely small cage and suffering from a myriad of health issues.

In a Facebook post, the SPCA said that the jackal’s living conditions were ‘not suitable for a wild animal in any way’. The cage not been cleaned and the animal was forced to live in its own faeces. Inspector Engelbrecht from the SPCA said: ‘The cage had such a bad stench, that I could smell it through my face mask.’

The cage had no proper shelter for the animal to help escape the elements and was also forced to sleep on cement or dry mud.

‘The Jackal was completely underweight and had a very bad skin condition up to the point where his legs had areas with little to zero hair left on it. Furthermore, the Jackal had two big pressure sores on the top part of his back legs. These pressures sores were so advanced and raw, that one can literally see the bone sticking through,’ said the SPCA.

Inspector Engelbrecht said: ‘It is a complete and utter disgrace to humankind and very cruel.’

‘This Jackal was in such a bad condition that it knocked the wind right out of me to see him like that,’ said Engelbrecht.

Senior Inspector and Manager at the Bloemfontein SPCA, Reinet Meyer, said: ‘It is a disgrace and opposes the Five Freedoms in all senses.’

A case of animal cruelty has been opened against the owner of the Petting Zoo. The jackal has been confiscated and is in the care of the legendary Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinarian Hospital to receive the major treatment that it needs to survive.

The jackal receiving much-needed treatment.

If you are in a position to make a financial contribution to help the SPCA pay for the treatment that the jackal needs, please contact the Bloemfontein SPCA at 051 447 3801 or [email protected].

Image credit: Facebook/ SPCA Bloemfontein


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