Spier launches low sulphur wine range

Posted on 29 March 2022 By David Henning

For a limited time only, Spier wine farm is offering a food and wine pairing with its new Noble Song range: a limited edition, single varietal wine crafted without the use of additional sulphur dioxide (SO₂).

Spier has environmentally-conscious practices as a core value, such as not using artificial fertiliser or pesticides in its orchards, vegetable gardens and vines, and follows sustainable farming methods. But why all the fuss about sulphur in wine? Sulphur is a chemical compound widely used in the food industry, such as to preserve fruit. In the wine industry, it is often added to prevent the wine from oxidising and preserve its fresh flavours.

In small quantities, such as in a traditionally made bottle of wine, sulphur dioxide is safe to consume for most people to drink, but an estimated 1% of the population is sensitive to the compound, which, particularly for those with asthma, can cause irritation in their respiratory tract or cause headaches (which can often be confused with a bad hangover).


It is impossible to get a 100% sulphur-free wine, and the Noble Song range does contain some sulphites. Spier, however, is pretty close. To qualify for the “no added sulphur” certification, the wine has to have sulphur dioxide levels slower than 10mg/l. A typical bottle of red wine has 150mg/l.

But in getting to the fun part of it all, the tasting. Spier is an establishment that needs no introduction yet they managed to create something new and original.

My personal favourite was the Noble Cabernet Sauvignon, smooth on its own but wholly complemented by gorgonzola topped with almonds, oats and a pineapple chutney which just somehow worked with the balanced wine.

This isn’t to take anything away from the other pairings, which were delightful as well. But when it comes to our taste buds, it’s your personal preference that matters, so try it for yourself.

Spier’s tasting room is offering this elegant tasting for a limited time only until 31 May; all four low-sulphur red wines are paired with a seasonal bite. The wine is also on sale from the tasting room.

Price: R150 per person

Wine tasting operating hours:

Sunday – Wednesday: 9am–4pm

Thursday – Saturday: 9am–5pm


Spier to host weekend of fun in celebration of harvest season



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