The impact of climate change on Safari destinations

Posted on 23 August 2023 By Tsoku Maela

Climate change is here– and its impact is already being felt worldwide. Sadly, one of the largest parts of the world affected is its beautiful wildlife ecosystems such as Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Due to rising temperatures and loss of natural environments, these incredible places are declining, and in some cases, are being lost altogether.

Without taking key steps towards minimizing our carbon footprint and finding ways to travel in more eco-friendly ways, the sad truth is that these amazing destinations will disappear.

How can you make sure to travel in a sustainable way?

Curious about what you can do personally to make your travel more sustainable? The reality of climate change doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of seeing the world!

Here are five great suggestions, according to Discover Africa,  for how to make your next African safari both environmentally friendly and a trip to remember:

1. Choose low-impact travel options whenever possible

One of the best options for travelling more ethically is to choose an eco-tourism operator that is committed to wildlife conservation and sustainability. Look for operators who utilize responsible environmental practices like:

  • Driving low-impact vehicles to protect that land and wildlife
  • Choosing walking safari tours (rather than driving)
  • Employing local guides and workers whenever possible
  • Supporting local communities by working with them and giving back

2. Travel to protected areas like National Parks

Consider visiting national parks, conservation areas, or game reserves that have strict regulations in place to protect the environment and wildlife. You’ll be able to visit these picturesque locations where wildlife is protected. Visiting these protected wildlife areas means you’ll be respecting their environment while still getting to see incredible animals up close and personal!

3. Avoid plastic and choose re-usable items for your trip

Avoiding plastic is one of the most practical ways to limit your carbon footprint when travelling. Commit to limiting your use of plastic items during your trip (such as water bottles and packaging materials) and bring reusable containers with you instead. Not only is this more environmentally sustainable, but you also won’t have to fret about finding a trash can or packing extra trash out during your excursions.

4. Make sustainable purchasing choices when you shop

Purchase souvenirs from sustainable sources that are not detrimental to the environment or wildlife populations in the area. Choose not to purchase animal products that may not be sourced ethically and always purchase from a reputable place.

5. Travel with organizations that practice sustainable tourism

Travelling with an organization that focuses on sustainability is a fantastic way to support sustainable tourism. During your trip, use organizations that promote responsible tourism practices or consider volunteering to make a lasting impact.


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