Treedom’s Gypsy Vardos – where the magic lives

Posted by Zimasa Katamzi on 10 May 2021

Treedom is a place of fantasy, somewhere where you feel like you are stepping into a magical world created just for you. A passion and dream of founders Marc and Debbie Nortje, Treedom Villas and Vardos, is a place so many have called ‘their favourite destination’ after their first, second and third visit because once you have experienced Treedom you will always return.


Treedom's Gypsy Vardos - where the magic lives

After many challenges, including a global pandemic that crippled the tourism industry, Treedom started construction on their Gypsy style Vardos on 1 February 2021 ahead of the new travel season. ‘The Gypsy Vardos has been a dream of ours since we conceptualised the idea of Treedom 7 years ago. We moved our lives from agency life in film and events to one of magic and relaxation in our private forest in Wilderness, and the Vardos truly encapsulate what we want to create here at Treedom – enchantment!’ says Debbie.

Marc adds, ‘we believe that the natural environment we find ourselves in should be treated with the utmost respect, therefore to reduce harm to our surroundings, and to make it extra special, all building materials have been carried in by hand, no heavy vehicles.’ The building is now well underway and Treedom cannot wait to welcome the first lucky visitors to the Vardos from 10 May 2021!

PICTURE: Facebook

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