Visitors guide to Table Mountain National Park

Posted on 11 December 2019

Table Mountain National Park released a statement urging all visitors to exercise caution during the festive season and take note of the information below before visiting the Park.

All visitors who wish to take their dog for a walk, sport climb, paraglide, horse ride, line fish and cycle in the Park either need a day activity permit or an annual activity permit. Please check if you need a permit for the activity you’d like to do, where your specific activity may be carried out in the Park. We do not accept electronic proof of SA ID on the phone but we do accept certified copies of SA ID or driver’s license. There will be increased recreational visitors to all sites and please take note of the key information below for all sites.

Cape Point

Cape Point. Image credit: Teagan Cunniffe

The Rooikrans satellite parking area will be available as overflow parking for Cape Point between the 15 December – 05 January 2020. There will be buses available to transport visitors to and from Rooikrans and they will run free between the dates mentioned. Additional staff are in place to assist visitors with parking at Cape Point over the festive period. Visitors are encouraged to follow the directional signage that will be in place over this time frame indicating parking availability and waiting times at Cape Point.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the Park early in the day to avoid midday congestion at Cape Point and the picnic sites. A capacity allocation will be implemented at Cape Point and the gates will be closed daily when this threshold is reached. Note that in some places in Cape Point the road markings are currently not in place due to road buildings operations: please drive with extreme caution and stick to the advertised speed limits in the Park. The beaches at Cape Point do not have lifeguards and you swim in the tidal pool or ocean at your own risk. Baboons are present in the Park. Please do not feed the baboons and make sure that all food is packed away if baboons are present. For more information: 021 780 9100


The African penguins at Boulders are adept at posing for pictures.

Penguins are best viewed from the three boardwalks starting at the Boulders Visitor Centre. Visitors should pay careful attention to tides as this limits the available space on the beach. When the beach has reached capacity the gates are closed. The high and low tides are advertised at the entrance points daily although we would encourage visitors to consider this in advance when planning to visit Boulders to avoid disappointment.

We do not have lifeguards on duty at Boulders Beach and you swim at your own risk. Boulders Hours of Operation are: 07h00 – 19h30. No gazebos or tents are allowed on the beach, only standard umbrellas. No alcohol or smoking is permitted in the Park. Note selfie sticks are banned and we ask you respect the penguin’s space. Parking is limited at Boulders and the parking areas become quickly congested. Should you encounter any traffic issues over season please contact 021 799 5100 and 021 812 4580. For more information: 021 786 2329


Silvermine Nature Reserve. Image by Paul Scott

No braaing allowed in the summer months in Silvermine at the sites around the reservoir. Picnicking is allowed all year round. The picnic sites around the reservoir operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and cannot be reserved. Cycling is only allowed during gate operating hours, and not at night. Day permits for cycling are available at the Gate 1 access point. Visitors wishing to use the day permits as an access option may enter at Gate 1 only.

Swimming is allowed in the reservoir but is at own risk and we do not have lifeguards on duty. Baboons do move through Silvermine. Please do not feed the baboons and make sure that all food is packed away if baboons are present. Opens at 7h00 closes at 19h00 No entry permitted after 18:00 and no pass-outs allowed. A capacity allocation will be implemented at Silvermine. The Policy of “what you bring in, you take out” Is in place at Silvermine Visitors to take their litter with them.


The view from the Elephant’s Eye cave above Tokai. Photo by Matthew Sterne

The Tokai Picnic site is open 365 days a year to members of the public and one is permitted to braai year-round. No alcohol, music or gazebos allowed in the picnic site. Opens at 7h00 closes at 18h00 No entry permitted after 16:00 and no pass-outs allowed. No gazebos or tents are allowed, only standard umbrellas. Please bring your own grid.

Baboons do enter the picnic site on occasion. Please do not feed the baboons and make sure that all food is packed away if baboons are present. Note there is an additional charge per vehicle entering the picnic site over and above per adult child or child entry fee. For more information: contact the Tokai Picnic Kiosk: 021 715 5849 Fires to be made in demarcated braaing sites/areas only. Entry at own risk and subject to the conditions of the Protected Areas Act.


The braai area at Oudekraal is busy in summer, but try it on a bright winter day and you could have the whole place to yourself. Photo by Chris Davies.

The Oudekraal Picnic site is open year-round and operates on a first come first serve basis. In the summer Oudekraal is open daily No alcohol or music is allowed in the picnic site. No gazebos or tents are allowed, only standard umbrellas. Please bring your own grid. No free-standing braais permitted. This includes Webers (or similar) No Gas cookers permitted. We do not have a lifeguard on duty at Oudekraal and you swim in the ocean at your own risk. Open at 08h00 and closes at 18h00. For more information: 021 422 1601

Newlands Picnic Site

Newlands Picnic site has no credit card machine and all entries have to be paid for in cash on arrival or upon production of a wild or green card. No alcohol and music allowed. No bookings are taken for this site and it works on first-come-first-serve basis. Please bring your own grid. No free-standing braais permitted. This includes Webers (or similar) No Gas cookers permitted. Opens at 07h00 and closes at 18h00. For more information: 021 422 1601

Newlands Forest

Serious parking problems occurs with the Newlands Forest Parking area over weekends and in season with the official parking area overflowing at approximately 09:00 on the weekends. Visitors to Newlands Forest are requested to please comply with the applicable signage and not to park illegally. Cars that are parked illegally will be fined and cars that are blocking the entrance/exit for TMNP fire fighting vehicles will be towed away. An activity permit is required to walk you dog or cycle in Newlands Forest. For more information: 021 422 1601

Signal Hill

View of Signal Hill

Lions head view of neighbouring Signal Hill

Parking at Signal Hill is always challenging and we advise to avoid the congestion that you visit the site first thing in the morning before the bulk of the tourists arrive.

Wild Cards and Green Cards
Wild card and My Green card holders are reminded they need to produce proof of identification upon entering at park gates. Every adult entering with a My Green cardholder also has to produce a valid form of SA ID. To facilitate entry at TMNP gates with your wild card please also have your confirmation letter available on request. A copy of the confirmation letter can be emailed to you if you call 0861 46 9453 or 021 712 7471 A Wild Card and a My Green Card cannot be used to enter to go fishing, cycling or to walk your dog for example. More information and sales locations are available here.

Film and Events
We do not issue any film and event permits between the 13th December – 13th January 2020. Film office will reopen 6th January 2020: to contact this office please email Saskia Marlowe on [email protected]. For more information call 021 712 0527 or 021 712 7471

Visitor Safety
The Park recommends that you never carry out your activity alone and strongly recommends you always have four or more buddies with you when out hiking, trail running, cycling or horse riding etc. •Please load our emergency number into your phone before setting off 0861 106 417 or 107 or 021 480 7700. •Let someone know which route you will follow and when to expect you to return home. •Entry to the park remains at all times at your own risk. •Do not attract unwanted attention by openly displaying cash, cameras or other valuables. • Leave footprints and take photos; leave the Park as you found it. For more safety hiking tips click here.

We are in fire season and ask that you be vigilant at all times. Should you notice a fire anywhere on the mountain please call the TMNP emergency number at 086 110 6417 or 107 from a landline and 021 480 7700 from a mobile phone. • Please do not attempt to fight the fire on your own.

Please note there are other National Parks in the Cape Region that you can visit during festive season too: Agulhas National Park, Bontebok National Park, West Coast National Park and Tankwa Karoo National Park.

Text: SANParks

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