What to know about the Northern Drakensberg new nature reserve

Posted on 2 June 2024 By Louise Bell

If you love the spectacular landscapes of nature reserves in South Africa, you have another new natural space to enjoy and explore. Formally gazetted on 18 April 2024, the Northern Drakensberg Nature Reserve adds to the plethora of protected areas you can visit in these surroundings.

Unsplash/Dannii Coughlan

At the heart of this nature reserve lies the Northern Drakensberg Landowners Association, a group of dedicated individuals who championed the establishment of this reserve. Their efforts have not only created a haven for eco- and sustainable tourism but also ensured the preservation of the land’s natural beauty.

Another important reason for this nature reserve construction is to connect the nearby nature reserves and act as a type of corridor between them for biodiversity to thrive. The reserve comprises 19 properties (11 of which are privately owned) and is committed to protecting and preserving this grassland biome. So, if you’re looking for another hiking destination in the Drakensberg, look no further.

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