Wildlife NGO launches conservation-focused safaris in KwaZulu-Natal

Posted by David Henning on 28 July 2021

Wildlife-ACT, a non-governmental Organisation (NGO) intent on saving Africa’s wildlife species from extinction has recently launched conservation-focused safaris at the Somkhanda Game Reserve in northern Zululand.

The focus is to participate in and gain an in-depth understanding of what is happening in the field of African wildlife conservation, while simultaneously enjoying the comforts and luxuries that a private game reserve offers. A safari with a difference that will leave you with a deep appreciation of all that goes into conserving our natural heritage.

Conservation-focused Safaris

Launching in northern Zululand, KwaZulu Natal, these ‘Conservation Focused Safaris’ are offered at Somkhanda Game Reserve, a community-owned Big 5 game reserve stretching across 12,000 hectares of rolling hills and natural bushland habitat; and Manyoni Private Game Reserve, 23,000 hectares, renowned for its spectacular game viewing, rich cultural traditions, and conservation history. The perfect settings for those who wish to join the professionals on the frontline in these magnificent wild areas.

Wildlife ACT was established in South Africa in 2008 with a vision to save Africa’s iconic and endangered species from extinction, thereby enabling broad-scale biodiversity conservation. The organisation has several conservation projects focusing on endangered and priority species including African painted dog, cheetah, rhino, leopard and vulture. In addition, their community conservation work aims to bridge the gap between communities and protected areas, strengthening knowledge and governance, while providing platforms for youth to engage with conservation formally.

‘Information is key – you cannot conserve what you don’t know – and it is through this lens that Wildlife ACT works to implement strategic monitoring and research to inform and enable effective conservation management of wildlife’, says Wildlife ACT’s co-founder and Director of Species Conservation, Chris Kelly.

Wildlife ACT assists both Somkhanda and Manyoni with monitoring and conservation interventions of endangered and priority species. The Conservation-Focused Safaris contribute to the cost of management interventions and other research to assist in important work needed for the protection of endangered species

This is an opportunity to join the experts in the field, a chance to assist the conservationists who have been performing award-winning wildlife conservation work on the frontlines for more than a decade. This experience is unique in that it includes everything that an African safari offers but is also a truly meaningful and valuable experience.

The Conservation Focused Safari activities and projects include:

  • Orientation and Conservation Game Drives
  • Participation in necessary management interventions such as Rhino Dehornings and endangered species collaring* this is dependent on the needs of the reserve at the time of booking
  • A bushwalk depending on the reserve to either monitor endangered species or check camera traps used for indirect monitoring
  • Endangered Species Monitoring Sessions
  • Evening sundowners to celebrate and discuss the day’s activities
  • Discussions with the teams on some of the key conservation topics and challenges in the region and globally.

Watch their video about the new conservation-focused safaris here.

Email [email protected] for more information or complete an application form with your details on the website.


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