Zanzibar implements single-use plastic ban

Posted on 11 March 2019

The world is slowly taking proactive steps toward a cleaner and greener future, and Zanzibar and Kenya seem to be making the most noise on the African continent at the moment.

In 2006, the semi-autonomous ‘spice island’ opted to ban the use, import and distribution of plastic bags, and it has now decided to ban single-use plastics on the pretty island too.

Image supplied

According to Tourism Update, travellers en route to the Indian Ocean island will need to heed this travel warning. Since the end of last year already, Mango Airlines has been informing passengers of the eco update.

The ban extends to any single-use plastic packaging travellers may have in their luggage, including zip-loc bags, and any packaging from food, snacks and gear.

A number of other East African countries have already banned plastics (including Kenya, Morocco, Mauritania, and Rwanda) and hopefully the tide of prioritising the environment will splash over to South African shores.

Recently, a dhow made out of plastic called FlipiFlopi sailed from Kenya and docked in Zanzibar, proclaiming a ‘#plasticrevolution’.


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