Video: untamed winds in South America

Posted on 8 October 2013

Here we have yet another video seemingly filmed, edited, and put on the internet with the sole intention of making the rest of us (i.e. everybody not in the film itself) feel a sense of slight emptiness. There is a certain belly-chasm which opens up, accompanying the sense of “what am I doing with my life?” which is triggered by watching this as any member of the productive public. The landscapes are numerous, varied and beautiful; the shots really well edited to give the sense of that epic journey that you fantasise about one day doing yourself; the soundtrack well chosen to set the mood and fit the theme of ‘untamed winds’ which is itself cleverly used to tie together the otherwise slightly fragmented series of shots.

You will, of course, discover all this by watching the video, but it is worth pointing all of these things out in the interests of combating the tummy-chasm-emptiness that it would provoke in you. It is worth remembering that for every shot, there had to be an active process of remembering to take out the camera, thinking about what it would look like on the screen, and how it would be edited along the way. There was, in other words, a very real process of awareness and connection to your world, sitting in front of the computer screen, that the film would have you believe was as far from the reality of the trip as you could imagine. The answer to “what am I doing with my life” for these guys (Vincent Urban, Clemens Kruger and Stefan Templer) would have to be, at least partly, ‘remembering to take great shots for the Latin America for Less video’.

Having read the ramblings of my denial, enjoy what is one of the prettiest, best-put-together videos of its kind that I have seen (then watch their gorgeous travel video of Morocco.)



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