Facts about the Roman Empire

Posted on 13 May 2024 By Louise Bell

From the gruesome battle of the Punic Wars to the amazing architectural feats, the Roman Empire was a powerhouse like no other. As the viral sensation of asking people how often they think of this ancient civilisation has surfaced, it’s only natural to start wondering what the Romans were all about.

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Are you curious to know more about this iconic part of the world’s history? Take a look at a few fantastic facts to impress anyone who asks you this trending query.

Romans utilised concrete in an iconic way

From the domed wonder of the Colosseum to the remnants of the Pantheon, how have these ancient structures survived over time? While the Roman Empire was not the inventor of concrete, it was one of the first to use this material to innovate and make its structures more durable.

With a unique mix to create this long-lasting concrete, we’re able to catch a glimpse of what ancient Rome looked like in its heyday. The concrete mix was said to be infused with lime, seawater, and volcanic ash.

At its peak, the Roman Empire was spread over three continents

While it might be called the Roman Empire, this powerhouse in history infiltrated and took over a vast collection of nations through military power. From Egypt to France, this empire had a wide selection of countries under its rule. This stage was called Imperial Rome, which included control over Western Europe and the Middle East.

This is why you’ll see Roman influences throughout the world, such as architectural and cuisine influences.

The fall of the Roman Empire explained

A number of reasons led to the fall of one of the most significant states throughout history. From the invasion of foreign tribes to the downfall of dividing the Roman Empire into different sections, the decline of the Roman Empire was slow but fatal.

Other reasons for the Roman Empire’s downfall included the strengthened power of Eastern Europe and the internal corruption of its government officials.

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