Spotlight on multi-generational travel

Posted on 11 January 2024

Multi-generational travel is high on the list of travel trends. As families become more dispersed, multi-generational travel offers the opportunity for inter-generational families to create life-long memories together and celebrate their connection.

Beyond mashing up your travel plans to fit everyone from babies, teens, parents, grandparents, and even pets (just kidding, that’s multi-species travel!), what exactly is multi-generational travel and how will it affect your next trip? 

But why do we do it – so that families can spend uninterrupted quality time together? To top, this is a desire to foster closer family ties and ever-lasting memories among different generations in a relaxing and entertaining environment away from home.

Family vacay

Picture: Tyler Nix/Unsplash

It’s a family affair

As the trend towards multi-generational travel continues to grow, the industry must continue to innovate and adapt to meet the changing needs and expectations of families. By doing so, they can provide an exceptional vacation experience that families will cherish for years.

Family vacay

Picture: Hassan Nizam/Unspalsh

Family-friendly destinations

The top destinations for family trips appear to be Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Costa Rica, and Turks & Caicos. Further, in a recent survey conducted by, nearly seven in ten respondents said their multi-generational trips usually took place outside of the UK. Spain was the most popular foreign destination, accounting for 43% of all European travel. The South West of England was home to almost a third of all UK visits.Of course, when considering 2-3 generational groups within one trip, you’re dealing with people of different ages, abilities, and interests. As such, these travelers are sure to select destinations that they perceive to have a ‘little something for everyone’ to enjoy while abroad.

This is an industry-wide trend as the boomer generation retires and are living longer and staying more active than the generations before them. These trips end up being quite luxurious – there are more people so the family can stay in exclusive and private villas or suites at a reasonable per person price.

What does the perfect multi-generational trip look like?

Many hotels around the globe are finding creative ways to attract and engage with multigenerational groups. This can include specialized packages and incentives with perks and experiences catered to different groups within the family, unique amenities, and flexible accommodation styles.

family vacay

Picture: Dylan Sauerwein/Unsplash

Something for everyone to do

Those offering travel ideas to support the trend are providing options like safaris, city tours, beach holidays and cruises as the ideal way for inter-generational families to get together and celebrate their connection.

Since you’ll be travelling with multiple generations, you’ll want to find something that will suit everyone’s fitness and activity level. Not everyone travels in this way for the same reasons. Some travel to explore family roots or distant family connections, others because it is a far nicer experience than Skype could ever offer. And family travel is not always defined as two or three generations of a nuclear family.

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