Top destinations that are vanishing

Posted on 23 May 2024 By Louise Bell

From sinking cities to deforestation in evergreen places, many spots across the globe are at risk of disappearing in the future. Many of these vanishing attractions can sometimes be attributed to global warming, so visiting these locations and structures is a vital addition to your bucket list.


Need help determining which gorgeous global spaces and environments are disappearing? Here are a few must-see places to visit and explore before they cease to exist (if drastic measures aren’t taken).


Often referred to as ‘The Floating City,’ Venice is one of Italy’s most vibrant and prominent cities. With its intricate canals and excellent museums, it’s sad that this historic urban space is at risk of sinking.

While this isn’t a relatively new revelation, the increase of global warming factors across the globe has made this potential phenomenon possible in the near future. 

Why is it under threat? Rising sea levels from global warming and damage to the city’s foundation have been listed as a few factors that put urban space at risk of vanishing.

Amazon rainforest

A blanket of green covering a few South American countries, the Amazon rainforest is the perfect example of the treasure trove of beauty nature offers. Known as the most extensive tropical rainforest in the world, this seemingly unending tapestry of fauna and flora is a marvel to witness.

It has been estimated that at least 17% of this forested area has disappeared due to various reasons, the common denominator of which is human intervention.

Why is it under threat? From climate change to deforestation, the Amazon’s natural splendours are threatened by a number of factors that are contributing to its disappearance in size.

Great Barrier Reef

Located in sunny Australia on the north-east coast, the Great Barrier Reef is a magnificent aquatic ecosystem known as the largest collection of coral reef networks. This natural wonder is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is home to a wide selection of endangered species.

Most of this ecosystem is under the jurisdiction of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which has various regulations to protect this vanishing natural system.

Why is it under threat? Coral bleaching, caused by higher ocean water temperatures and river pollution, is a great stressor that causes this reef system to decline.

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