11 manly things to do with your dad this Father’s Day

Posted on 31 May 2012

Whenever I think of Father’s Day it is always something along the lines of, “Wha- It’s today? Oh sh-… erbert? What am I gonna do?”.  Now I know that I am not alone in this and I get this feeling that the biltong and nuts every year are wearing a little thin. So why not help both of you out this upcoming Father’s Day with this list of 11 Manly Getaways. Oh, and Father’s day is on 17 June this year. You can thank me later. Can I get a Tim Allen ‘Hoaw Hoaw Hoaw’? … Or, is that not manly anymore?

1. Zwartkops Inland Championship Cars & Bikes

It goes without saying that manly is synonymous with fast cars and I know my dad would go mental for this event. Who needs to wait for the Sunday anyways? Not dad that’s for sure! Zwartkops is hosting the Inland Cars & Bikes Championship the whole day on Saturday 16 June with the practices happening on the Friday. Don’t let your young ears deceive you and have your dad tell you what each and every car is long before you even see the damn vehicles. Tickets are only R60 for adults and R40 for students with kids under 12 getting through unscathed. Then leave dad to recover on the Sunday, maybe with a nice breakfast in bed. And by ‘breakfast’ I mean ‘biltong and nuts’.

Give 012-384-2291/9 a call for more info or click here

2. Ulundi Airshow

Get your dad’s head back in the clouds by taking him to the Ulundi Airshow happening on the Saturday before Father’s Day. The Ulundi Airshow is part of the KZN Winter Air Tour and is sure to blow you away on Saturday 16 June. The show is bound to keep you and your old-man entertained throughout with some of the best pilots showcasing their skills. With a myriad of planes on show there is no chance your dad will get bored and I’m sure he’ll have a tidbit or two about each of the various aircraft models and manoeuvres. Tickets are R50 for adults with children 6 – 12 getting in free. The gates open at 8:00am and the show ends at about 2:00pm, which gives your dad ample time to recover from the excitement for a lazy Sunday on the morrow. Just to keep the good times rolling for him make sure you get some biltong and nuts for said lazy day.

For more info give 082-256-1192 a buzz or visit their website: http://www.kznwinterairtour.co.za/ Tickets are available at Computicket

3. Golden Lions tour of South Africa

I can’t really think of anything more manly than cheering along as the Springboks take the English apart on the field. Except maybe having your pa swearing at the ref from the sidelines with a beer in hand. This game is the second in a three-game test – the first multi-match test since New Zealand came here in 1996 – and is sure to be a cracker! The game will take place in the Coca-Cola Stadium and is likely to be a packed house. I don’t think it will take much convincing to get your dad out there and it may even get you that coveted ‘favourite son’ position you have been trying to attain ever since you can recall. Ticket prices range from “You did good son” to “What’s your boet’s name again?” with R175-350 respectively; the game is set to start at 17:00. Let your dad sleep in on the Sunday and maybe get him some biltong and Essentiale for the likely babalas.

Tickets are available from Computicket

4. Fly Fishing in Dullstroom

Why not make it Father’s Weekend with a trip to Dullstroom for some Fly Fishing. Then once you arrive you can let your old man do his own thing despite the unwritten competition that will be at stake for the duration of your stay. Nothing says ‘I love you dad’ more than letting him catch a bigger trout, even if it wasn’t intentional. There are many places to stay in and around Dullstroom with just as many dams and fisheries for a whole manner of skills sets and fishing requirements. Family self-catering cottages vary in price from R150-R250pp per night with luxury suites and cottages available too – between R250-R600pp per night.  Be sure to have a little package of biltong and nuts for your father’s early morning Sunday fish and remember to ‘purposefully’ not catch anything the whole day.

They suggest that you give them a call 013-254-0020 to get a personalised quotation and booking at no extra cost. Visit their website for further links and information.

5. Newlands Brewery Tour

Of course a great way to celebrate your dad is with some great conversation over a pint or two – or getting rat-faced together to discuss the finer details of what makes a great lager. Well a classier way to get this experience, and a better disguise for mom than hitting the local pub, is to go on a brewery tour and get some insight into how the beautiful bitter gets into your biter. The tours take place every Saturday starting at 10:00am and are only R30pp which includes two complimentary drinks.  With 8 beers being brewed in this brewery, bru, there will definitely be one to suit dad’s tastes and the intense discussions can ensue. Just remember the brekkies in bed on Sunday with a side of biltong and nuts.

Call them on 021-658-7440 for further enquiries for more information visit their website

6. Advanced Driving Course at Killarney Race Course

If your father is anything like mine then he knows what he is doing behind the wheel. Of course if your dad is anything like mine he also loves pushing things on the road. Due to the roads being filled with ‘incompetence’ and because we all know that our dad’s aren’t to blame maybe we should all take an advanced course in defensive driving. I am sure your dad will be more than willing to attend for interest’s sake. Or to correct the instructors. Courses start at R1,495pp which includes modules on Accident Prevention, Motor Law, Defensive Driving Theory and practical sessions on the Skid-pan, Vehicle Control, Collision Avoidance. The course starts at 7:45am and ends at 4:00pm so be sure to pack some billies and nuts to keep your dad sustained for the day.

Call 021-557-1800 to make a booking or for information go to their website.

7. Adventure Quad Biking

There is nothing more manly than being in the bush – just you and Mother Nature – except maybe having a ménage à trois between you, Mother Nature and a frikken quad bike! Oh yeah! Get to adding a bit of ‘vreeem’ to your nature trail and it might even be a good idea to bring your dad as well. Prices range from R260-R2,410 – the latter providing a big 5 experience – and there are many places that offer this new adrenaline fix. For an even manlier experience be sure to bring some nuts and biltong along for the ride.

Give Adventure Bookings a call on 0861 266 548 for a personalised booking or visit their website for more information.

8. Shark Diving in Gansbaai

Your dad ever tell you about that encounter with a shark back when he was swimming off the coast of Sodwana. Well why not recreate the experience minus the brown trail that seemed to follow him on that first encounter with a cage dive. White Shark Ecoventures offer various shark diving experiences including 1-5 day tours. The prices range from R1,650pp (one day) – R9,550 (five day) and are inclusive of accommodation. Biltong and nuts not included.

Call 021-532-0470 for bookings and more information can be found on their website

9. Skydive Cape Town

Ever wanted to push your dad out a fast moving vehicle about 10,000ft above ground to avoid another hour long lecture about what you are going to do with your life? Me neither. But why not convince him to jump out a plane anyways, with a parachute attached of course, and you could even get a video of your dad’s fast descent. Tandem jumps are priced at R1,500 and if you are wanting to make it a regular thing there are fixed-line jumps and training course available too. Be sure to have some biltong and nuts as I have heard that plummeting down to earth works up quite an appetite.

Give 082-800-6290 a call for more information and bookings or visit their website

10. Rallystar Hotseat rally experience in Pretoria

If the ground coming up really fast to meet you is a little too much for your old man but watching races a little too mundane then going for a couple laps with a professional rally driver might just be that happy medium between. It will set you back R750pp for the Hotseat experience and they even offer a self drive if your dad is particularly brave at R2,500pp. If you think your dad’s knuckles were white when he was teaching you how to drive wait for him to experience the second full-speed lap. Be sure to have ample quantities of biltong and nuts to calm his nerves afterwards.

Call them on 082 562 8289 for more information or click here.

11. Laborie Lazy Days Market

Now I know what your dad would be thinking, “There is no way I am going shopping on MY day!”. Just as well this is happening on the Saturday, 16 June (between 9am and 2pm) then. Also this isn’t your everyday market as dads will be treated to a spectacular vintage car exhibition, as well as a selection of international and local beers. That’s right dad, beers [i]and[/i] cars! Outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to a fun filled hike, suitable for the entire family and free of charge. The hike will start at 8:30am and hikers will leave from the cork tree outside the market area. Just for Father’s Day they are also holding a competition where you can win a dinner for two. Click here to enter. If you don’t win you can always get some biltong and nuts to console your dad over the ‘rigged competitions’.

For more information contact 021 807 3390 or visit their website

So surprise your dad this year by actually remembering Father’s Day and once the initial shock has subsided be sure to let him know that there’s more with one of these grunt-filled adventures. You are bound to catapult yourself ahead of your siblings and into your dad’s waning memory for a little while longer. Just be sure you don’t forget the biltong and nuts.

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