17 American countries that South Africans can visit without a visa

Posted on 4 October 2023 By Jordyn Johnson

If you have an itch to visit America but aren’t keen on the hassle of enduring the visa process, here is your answer.

These seventeen American countries are all accessible to South Africans without needing to have a visa to enter.

1. Argentina

This vast South American country is celebrated for its landscapes that range from the Pampa grasslands to the Andes Mountains. It’s a vibrant culture rooted in Tango dance and music. Argentina is a popular travel destination for those seeking a mix of urban sophistication and natural beauty.

2. Belize

Belize boasts a stunning Caribbean coastline, the famous Great Blue Hole, diverse marine life, and a huge underwater sinkhole. It blends Mayan history, a laid-back tropical atmosphere, and lush rainforests, which attracts tourists seeking adventure.

3. Brazil

The largest country in South America is famous for its iconic carnival celebrations, diverse culture, and Amazon rainforest. Brazil is passionate about soccer, has stunning beaches, and bustline cities like Säo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

4. El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest Central American country and is known for its vibrant culture, volcanoes, and Pacific coastline. It has a rich history with ancient Mayan ruins and promotes its tourism through ecotourism and surfing.

5. Chile

A unique geography that includes the Atacama Desert and Andes Mountains and a stretch of coastline make up Chile. The country has a rich heritage and excellent wines, like those in the Casablanca Valley.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an eco-friendly tourist destination with gorgeous rainforests and abundant biodiversity. Travellers visit the country for its wildlife reserves and national parks to encounter diverse flora and fauna.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador sits on the equator and offers breathtaking natural landscapes like the Galápagos Islands, Andes Mountains, and Amazon rainforest. Colonial cities like Cuenca and Quito reflect the country’s cultural heritage.

8. Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands have over 700 islands, diverse wildlife, and a rugged beauty. Wildlife enthusiasts and researchers primarily visit the islands.

9. Guatemala

One of Guatemala’s gems is Lake Atitlán, along with its indigenous rainforests and rich Mayan heritage. Travellers can visit ancient ruins like Tikal or Antigua Guatemala to see the well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture.

10. Guyana

Guyana boasts pristine rivers and their spectacular Kaieteur Falls, one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in the world. Head out to Georgetown to experience Guyana’s unique cultural heritage, where Afro-Guyanese, Indo-Guyanese, and indigenous populations blend.

11. Honduras

This Central American country has stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, dense rainforests, and rugged mountain ranges like the Sierra de Agalta. Honduras combines indigenous traditions and Spanish influences, creating a vibrant culture alongside its natural beauty, although political and social challenges have impacted its tourism sector.

12. Nicaragua

Nicaragua boasts geographical phenomenons like the Momotombo active volcano, Lake Nicaragua, and well-preserved architecture in its cities. It is the perfect destination for adventurous travellers seeking ecotourism, authentic Central American culture, and time in nature.

13. Panama

Panama’s canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and facilitates global trade. Panama is a crossroads for commerce and culture, making it a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination for tourists and business travellers.

14. Paraguay

This landlocked country is known for its vast, sparsely populated Chaco region and fertile Paraguay River basin. The Guarani language, Spanish colonial history, and indigenous traditions influence Paraguay’s rich indigenous heritage.

15. Peru

Peru is world-renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, with archeological wonders like Machu Picchu. Indulge in its vibrant culinary scene when you visit Lima or trek the stunning mountain regions.

16. Uruguay

Uruguay offers picturesque beaches along the Atlantic coastline, a lively cultural scene, and rolling countryside and vineyards. Uruguayans are known for their welcoming hospitality, making it a pleasant destination to visit.

17. Venezuela

Venezuela is located on South America’s northern coast and is one of the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Despite its economic and political challenges, travellers still love exploring the country’s natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Pictures: Unsplash

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