Destination Fun Facts: Mauritius

Posted on 4 December 2023 By Nomvelo Masango

Mauritius is a tropical gem which can easily be found on the bucket lists of many hopeful explorers and travel enthusiasts.

The destination’s astounding beauty,  picturesque beaches and inviting blue lagoons make it ideal for those wanting an escape in paradise.

Image: Mauritius Stay Lux Grand Baie

Also a highly-rated destination, Mauritius is perfect for honeymooners, friends and solo travellers alike. It is home to an array of rare flora and fauna, and also boasts a rich history.

If you intend to travel to the award-winning tropical paradise, these fun facts may come in handy.

A multilingual population  

English and French are two of the island’s most widely spoken languages.

English is also used for official administrative purposes, while many of the locals also converse in Mauritian Creole, which is derived from French combined with some African influences.

Home to the dodo bird

What did dodo birds really look like?

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Mauritius is believed to be the only known habitat of the now extinct dodo bird. As such, the main island of Mauritius has often been referred to as ‘the habitat of the flightless bird’.

Due to a shortage of predators, the dodo remained safe on the ground and was thus flightless. This species was once present in huge numbers on the island and was last seen in the 1660s.

Two UNESCO Heritage Sites

Mauritius has two UNESCO Heritage Sites, namely Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Brabant. Aapravasi Ghat is known as the place where Indian labourers were brought over by the British to work on sugarcane plantations, whereas Le Morne Brabant was once a sanctuary for slaves who escaped oppression in the 18th and early 19th century.

Both sites serve as a reminder of the area’s past, contributing to its rich history and heritage.

A high population density

Mauritius is home to over 1,2 million people, thereby giving it the highest population density on the African continent.

There are also more women than men residing on the island, with 90% of the population being literate.

The place of culinary creativity

The island’s interesting local cuisine is a blend of Creole, French, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Spices also play a big role in enhancing Mauritian dishes. Moreover, their menu consists of a lot of seafood including crabs, lobsters, squid and prawns. Octopus is also quite popular throughout Mauritius.

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