June Farm Stall of the Month: Die Skeerhok

Posted on 28 June 2022 By Anita Froneman

In recent months, one thing has become quite clear to us: South African travellers go bonkers for farm stalls. It’s only right, then, that we try to visit as many as possible on our journeys. In support of local tourism, we’ve chosen one that stands out each month. You know what to do – visit, shop, eat and do your bit for small businesses too.

The June Farm Stall of the Month: Die Skeerhok in the Western Cape. 

We spent some time with the wonderful people at the helm. Johan and Beatrice Zietsman and their son Geoff Zietsman run the show.

Exactly where can we find you?

On the N2, 8km from Heidelberg towards Swellendam, in the Western Cape.

How did the farm stall come about?

Farm stall of the Month: Die Skeerhok

We opened a little butchery on the farm for family and friends 18 years ago that grew into a full-time business. Beatrice wanted to open a farm stall all along, but I told her that if we reached an average of 18 credit card transactions a day I would consider it. Well, eventually we did, so that was the obvious next step.

Why a farm stall?

My wife has always said that it should be a farm stall that exclusively sells products that are either from the area or from the farm. And that is what she did, never thinking that it would be as successful as it has become. Our favourite part about it is meeting new people and interacting with our customers. For Beatrice, it is the opportunity to create new dishes and recipes.

What is on offer at Die Skeerhok?

Jams, sauces, biscuits, rusks, salad dressings, roasted granola, and a number of other bakes and tasty treats. In winter we do a range of homemade chocolates. At this stage, the only goodies not made on the farm are the hard cheese (we do our own soft cheese) and the olive oil that comes from one of the other local farms. We also have a butchery, where we do all the products in the traditional way, like home curing our bacon.

What is the most popular dish on the menu?

Farm stall of the Month: Die Skeerhok

Hands down the lamb curry pies with rustic cut chips and real homemade gravy.

How did you survive Covid?

Oh, those were hard times. We had so much support from our community; we never would have made it if not for them.


Die Skeerhok Padstal

0716 908 421

Pictures: Supplied


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