5 KZN curry spots to try when that curry craving hits

Posted on 17 April 2024

Is there anywhere else in the country that serves curry as delicious as KZN?

Turmeric-stained fingers expertly toss unmeasured amounts of spices into pots the size of a South African pothole without a single thought, creating delicious art with an intoxicating smell that gets into your clothes and hair.

However, the true test of a good Durban curry comes through the burn. This is where my ‘out-of-Durban-curry-experiences’ fall short. I’m not saying I’m in the business of eating rocket fuel, but I enjoy a bit of a bite. The slow burn that has your heart wondering if it’s falling in love or experiencing mild heartburn.

These tried and tested KZN curry spots tick all the boxes, and I highly recommend you stop by one… or all of them (maybe with a glass of milk) the next time you’re in or around Durban.

KZN curry spots

1. Gateway Curries

The best curry spots can sometimes be found in the unlikeliest of places. Within Mysteries Furniture Shop in Umhlanga, you’ll find Gateway Curries. As the daughter of an interior designer, I wouldn’t mind tailing my mother if it meant I got to have some samoosas when stopping off at Mystery’s. Curries, bunny chows, and sweetmeats are just as good as my beloved spicy deep-fried pastry.

Picture: Gateway Curries

2. Hollywood

A friend of mine asked me where she should take her out-of-town family for a good bunny chow experience. I suggested Hollywood Bunny Bar, and her uncle, who is a chef by the way, raved about it for days afterward. If you’re looking for a perfectly-crafted bunny chow (or any other spicy dish on their menu for that matter), definitely pay this spot a visit.

  • Location: Springfield Retail Centre, Umgeni Business Park
  • Website: hollywoodbunnybar.co.za
  • Contact: +27 87 353 7634

3. Cindy’s

My uncle moved overseas at least 25 years ago, and every time he comes home to South Africa, he drives out to Umhlali to get Cindy’s curries. Butter chicken, mutton curry, roti, bunny chow, this slice of spicy heaven has it all and does it well. Although a 30-minute drive outside of Durban, this is the type of curry you would write poems about and is well worth the kilometres.

4. Salt Rock Hotel

The Salt Rock Hotel is the spot for you if you’re looking for a curry with a view. This spot in KZN is also north of Durban up Salt Rock way, but you will only hear good things about their dishes. The hotel is famous for its curries and has been serving them for over 30 years. In full disclosure, I have yet to try this spot, but my fellow curry lovers assure me it’s one to beat.

  • Location: Basil Hulett Dr, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast
  • Website: saltrockbeach.co.za
  • Contact: +27 32 525 5025

5. Sea Belle

Another curry with a view option would have to be Sea Belle. They are well known for their prawn and fish curries, with their secret spices that take your curry-eating experience to new levels. Watching the ocean while eating a seafood curry dish sounds like the perfect way to spend a day in KZN.

KZN curry spots

Pictures: GettyImages

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