Top Historical Attractions in Cape Town

Posted on 14 January 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

Visiting historical attractions is a great way to learn about the past, as well as to better understand the present.

Cape Town is a city with a rich and turbulent history, and there are a number of attractions which tell different parts of the story.

Here are just a few of Cape Town’s top historical attractions:

Robben Island Museum

Picture: Getaway Gallery

Robben Island is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most famous historical landmarks. It is located in Table Bay and was home to many prominent political prisoners during the years of Apartheid.

One of its most famous former residents is struggle icon Nelson Mandela, who served 18 of his 27 year sentence there. During your visit, you will be exposed to the harsh conditions he was subjected to, as you learn more about important parts of South Africa’s history.

Bo-Kaap Museum

Credit: Iziko Museums

Located among the colourful houses of the historical Bo-Kaap, the Bo-Kaap Museum serves to honour local Islamic culture, as well as some rich heritage that dates back to the times of slavery.

Upon visiting the museum, you will get a mental picture of the rich history behind the attractive and colourful houses, as well as the people that occupy them.

Iziko Slave Lodge

Existing as one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town, the Slave Lodge is situated north of the Parliament Building complex. It was renamed ‘Slave Lodge’ in 1998 and it gives a glimpse into South Africa’s unfair history of slavery.

It also creates awareness of human rights issues, showcasing the journey from human wrongs to human rights.

Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope is one of South Africa’s most popular surviving buildings from the colonial era.

When the first Europeans landed in 1652, a fort was erected. By 1679, it had turned into what is now known as the Castle of Good Hope.

Upon visiting, you will learn all about the settlers who sought to establish a depot for ships of the Dutch East India Company, as well as South Africa’s history of colonialism.

District Six

District Six Museum

Credit: District Six Museum

During the Apartheid era, the residents of District Six were forcibly removed by the government.

Today, the empty streets and plots are still visible. In the year 1994, the District Six Museum was established to honour the displaced community. On your visit, you will get a glimpse into the removals and the lives of the District Six people.

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