First aid courses in South Africa

Posted on 25 September 2014

As a traveller you should always carry a basic first aid kit or at least have some knowledge of dealing with minor mishaps (read about what to have in your first aid kit in our October issue).

To make sure you’re more than ready to deal with emergency situations, we’ve gotten advice from doctors and rounded up some recommended first aid courses around the country.

Win: first aid course from BLS Medical worth R570

First aid courses around South Africa

St John Ambulance First Aid app

The St John Ambulance First Aid app is a must when travelling in the great outdoors – but what’s better is keeping the information in your head.


1. St John First Aid and Home Care

Dr Anthony Smith, a general practitioner in Cape Town, says this is one of the most established courses – but advises you shop around, get advice from people who’ve done various courses and define what your needs are.

St John offers a range of courses that cater for advanced first-aiders, school children as well as people with limited reading and writing skills.

Cost: First Aid Level 1 is R865 a person

Contact: 011 403 4227,


2. ER24 Training academy

ER24 offers a range of first-aid courses that include First Aid level 1, 2 and 3, Sports First Aid and a basic CPR course.

Cost: From R737.73 a person for First Aid Level 1 (two day course)

Contact: 0861 084 124,


3. National First Aid Academy, a local childcare placement agency, recommends the reasonably priced National First Aid Academy course. It includes all levels as well as Save a Child, occupational health safety (OHS) and site-specific training.

Cost: First aid level 1 is R500, Save a Child from R600 and OHS from R600 a person

Contact: 086 163 2200,


4. Wilcare Safety Solutions

Courses include first aid level 1, 2 and 3 as well as CPR, Basic Fire Training and Occupational Health Safely.

Cost: First Aid Level 1 is R600 a person

Contact: 016 366 7709,


5. Medical Education Centre

MEC has trained and certified over 150 000 learners in a variety of safety courses. Their first aid course is recommended by

Cost: First Aid level 1 is R582 a person and R560 each if you’re more than 13 delegates.



6. BLS Medical

Although BLS is based in and provides courses in Port Elizabeth, it offers training in Cape Town, East London and Johannesburg as well. It has the standard Department of Labour courses (First Aid level 1, 2 and 3) and various international courses.

Cost: First Aid Level 1 course is R570 a person.

Contact: 086 117 8243,

Win: BLS Medical is giving away a First Aid Level 1 course to five lucky readers


First aid courses in Gauteng

7. Pulse Point

Pulse Point uses videos, discussions, practical and theory sessions, as well as presentations to ensure you get the most out of your first aid learning experience. There are the basic first aid courses, short courses (like CPR and choking), international courses and skills courses like Basic Suturing and IV Therapy.

Cost: First Aid level 1 course (2 days) is from R650 a person (if you’re 15 or more people) to R2750 if it’s just you (they come to you).

Contact: 011 477 9999,


8. The South African First Aid League

They provide courses at their office in Centurion but can also run workshops at a venue of your choice (email for a quotation). Training includes First Aid level 1, 2, 3, CPR and courses for those wanting to become facilitators and assessors.

Cost: First aid level 1 is R820 a person

Contact: 012 644 0918,


9. Aid at Hand

A handy option is the Family And Friends First Aid For Children Course, which focuses on how to deal with children of different ages. It includes prevention of injuries, general first aid, safety, checking for illnesses, bleeding, bruises, bites, stings and poison emergencies.

Cost: R330 a person for the First Aid for Children course. Level 1 First Aid is R725 a person.

Contact: 083 655 3803,


10. First Aid Counts

First Aid Counts runs Family and Friends CPR and Choking Classes every Saturday morning at Broadacres Lifestyle Centre. They also offer the Department of Labour courses which includes First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3.

Cost: The Level 1 course is R720 a person. The Family and Friends course is R400 a person.

Contact: 073 734 0375,


First aid courses in the Western Cape

11. The First Aid Academy

Based in Cape Town, The First Aid Academy has level 1, 2 and 3 courses as well as an infant and toddler and school sports injuries course.

Cost: First Aid Level 1 course is R342 a person

Contact: 021 696 8292,


12. SafeTech

Safetech courses include all training equipment, reading material, training in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa (on request), travelling, accommodation and certificates.

Cost: First Aid level 1 is R730 a person

Contact: 021 982 2771,


13. Dynamikos Training Network

Dynamikos has public courses as well as on-site training. These include all first aid levels and refresher courses.

Cost: From R675 a person for the First Aid level 1 course (if you’re more than eight candidates). Fewer than eight will be charged at a daily rate of R3250 excl VAT.

Contact: 021 949 2208,


14. EMT

EMT is an accredited training institution with internationally recognised first aid courses throughout South Africa. They’re based in Cape Town but can have sessions at a venue of your choice (minimum of eight candidates).

Cost: R700 a person for First Aid Level 1 (includes certification, lunch and snacks).

Contact: 0860 368 368,


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