How to pack for a ski trip | Tips & essentials to include

Posted on 5 April 2024 By Louise Bell

From carving your way through the slopes to enjoying a hot chocolate in the lodge afterwards, a ski holiday is the perfect trip for an icy but incredible time. With your ski equipment and a sense of wanderlust, you’ll feel on top of the world (or mountain) from the adventures ahead.

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While you’ll be tempted to dive headfirst into your frosty vacation, your luggage items can make or break your trip. Whether it’s freezing toes or mysteriously red faces, you must remember a few key additions to your suitcase to ensure a comfortable and safe journey.

Tips & tricky for hassle-free packing

  • Use packing cubes – A ski trip is filled with bulky jackets and heavy books, so packing cubes is a great way to minimise the space in your bag. These bags can also be utilised on your trip if you want to separate your dirty items from the clean ones.
  • Rent your gear – This is especially relevant for ski and snowboard newbies looking to try out and see if they enjoy the frosty frolic ski slopes can provide. By renting your skis, poles and snowboards, you’ll be able to skip the hassle of lugging these heavy items around for the trip.
  • Get the correct adaptors – if you’re travelling internationally, be sure to research what plug types they generally use. If they use a different type, then be sure to pack in the necessary adaptor to ensure your electronics stay charged and ready to use.
  • Weigh your suitcase beforehand – There is nothing worse than standing in line at the airport opening your case, and discarding items to stay within the luggage weight limit. This is why weighing your suitcase is essential to reduce the risk of paying any extra fees. As ski boots can be a huge contributor to your bag weight, you can always place them in your carry-on to save space and remain light.

Packing list

  • Ski apparel – Be sure to include items curated explicitly for freezing weather. This includes apparel made of waterproof, thermal, and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Non-ski clothing – While skiing might be your main priority, just remember you won’t be hitting the slopes 24/7. Adding a few casual items allows you to explore the town without carrying the extra weight of a ski jumpsuit and boots.
  • Accessories – Thermal socks, vests and underwear are as essential as your base layer to ensure you do not get cold in the mountains. Ski hats and mittens are also a good idea to protect vulnerable body areas, such as exposed ears and fingers. The ski goggles you choose should be determined by your light conditions while skiing.
  • Toiletries – While the basics should always be included (toilet brush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.), remember not to forget your sunscreen. While you might feel the cloudy weather protects you from harmful rays, these conditions are the ones to look out for when it comes to sunburn opportunities.

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