Buffalo Mother Sacrifices Herself To Save Her Calf

Posted on 13 September 2023

In a heart-wrenching scene at the Thornybush Game Reserve, a brave buffalo mother attempted to save her calf from a pride of lions. In her noble effort, the tables turned, and she became the target.

Gavin Brett, who came across this incredible sighting, told LatestSightings:  “My family and I were on a special trip to Thornybush, celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday. We had been exploring the reserve for a few days, and it was a Sunday morning when this incredible drama unfolded.”

“The mother buffalo was the one that refused to watch her little calf get eaten. She stood up to the lions with no fear! This bravery by the mother gave the calf just enough time to escape.

This mother buffalo’s sacrifice is a testament to the lengths a mother will go to protect her offspring. Watch the full sighting below.

Picture: Screenshot from video

Originally published September 12, 2023


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