Elephant attack a vehicle at Pilanesberg National Park

Posted on 20 March 2024 By Louise Bell

While animal videos are always a wholesome sight on social media, one clip from Pilanesberg has viewers shocked by this dangerous safari incident. Elephants are usually characterised as gentle creatures, but when threatened, these stoic creatures can become a force to be reckoned with.

The video displays the result of a standoff between a male elephant and a safari vehicle and shows how the giant animal lists the car with its tusks. The driver seems to be making loud sounds and banging on the car to ensure any further collision, but the elephant does not intend to back off.

The clip ends with the car reversing safely while the elephant stands his ground, flapping his ears in the middle of the road. No injuries of passengers have been made public at this time.

While many media platforms have posted this story, Kruger Magazine’s Facebook post provides a great example of how viewers are taking a variety of sides on the matter. This is in regard to whether the driver made the correct call of action during this wildlife encounter.

Jenny Tillett Pitout comments:

This ranger was incredible. Stayed so calm. What a legend.

Catherine Moores Sharp enquires:

Why did they confront the elephant, you will definitely come off second best !!

Watch this incredible, yet dangerous encounter below:

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