Fearless lions take on massive crocodile

Posted on 19 September 2023 By Tsoku Maela

In an astonishing turn of events, a pride of lions displayed their fearless nature as they launched a daring assault on an enormous crocodile that had been peacefully basking on dry land. While lions are renowned for their tenacity and courage in the wild, confronting a crocodile is an extraordinary feat. Even though the lions had the numerical advantage, it’s important to note that a fully grown crocodile can reach lengths of up to 7 meters (22.9 feet) and weigh a staggering ton (2204 pounds), whereas a fully grown lion typically weighs a mere 270 kilograms (595 pounds).

Both species are revered for their exceptional hunting skills and tactics when pursuing prey, but crocodiles possess an immense bite force that can inflict severe harm on a lion if given the opportunity. Despite these odds, the lions in this remarkable encounter realized that their collective strength would work in their favour.

This incredible wildlife sighting unfolded at the Entabeni Game Reserve in the Waterberg, providing 15-year-old student Connor Dawes and his family with an exhilarating spectacle. Connor enthusiastically recounted the story to LatestSightings.com, stating, ‘We observed a male lion strolling down a dusty path alongside a dam. He rendezvoused with a few younger lions, and together, they continued their journey along the path. They reached the spot where the crocodile was leisurely soaking up the sun. Suddenly, the male lion launched an attack on the crocodile.’

‘I was taken aback that a lion would even contemplate challenging a crocodile. Initially, I wasn’t overly concerned for the crocodile—until the moment the lion seized its hind leg and forcibly pulled it away from the water. The remaining members of the lion pride joined the fray, relentlessly taunting and attacking the crocodile.’

‘Ultimately, the crocodile managed to break free, and I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that we wouldn’t witness the lion delivering a fatal blow to the reptile. The crocodile swam away, and the lions retreated, settling down as though nothing out of the ordinary had transpired. I must say, I’ve never witnessed anything quite like this before. Even our game ranger admitted to never having seen or heard of such an extraordinary event occurring.’

The following day, they spotted the crocodile swimming in the dam, and reports from friends who visited the area two weeks later confirmed that the crocodile was still alive and well, having survived its astonishing encounter with the fearless lions.

Watch the encounter in the video below.

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