WATCH: A truly South African way of scaring off a charging rhino

Posted on 14 July 2023 By Jordyn Johnson

When being charged by an angry rhino, it’s safe to say all sense of logic disappears. This was the case for a photographer who found himself in that exact position.

IOL reported that a video on Twitter has emerged of a wildlife photographer ‘in a safari vehicle handling a camera with a large lens, clearly having taken images of a rhino in the distance.’

The rhino calmly walks past the vehicle when the photographer turns the car on and begins reversing. ‘At this point, we hear him saying, ‘Don’t even think about it,’ clearly referring to the rhino which seems to be approaching the car.’

As he speeds up, he also begins yelling ‘Hey voetsek!’ which he continues to do while reversing. A follow-up video shows that he ended up slowing down and challenging the rhino, all while still shouting ‘Voetsek.’ He was able to drive away safely as the rhino backed off.

Although not funny in the moment, South Africans have found the video hilarious, saying ‘This is the most South African reaction. He is a South African indeed.’

Another person commented ‘This is why South Africans will struggle overseas. The animals there don’t know what Voetsek means.’

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