Watch: surfers save stranded baby great white shark

Posted by Elise Kirsten on 28 March 2019

A surfer, Joshua Farrer, and his friends found a stranded juvenile great white shark on the rocks at Victoria Bay in George as they were coming out of the water after a surf.

They quickly jumped into action and with the help of a couple of lifeguards attempted to get the shark back in the ocean. Unfortunately, the first two attempts failed, but then one of the surfers suggested placing the shark on his surfboard and carrying it to a less rocky section of the bay where the water is deeper. A lifeguard picked the shark up and put it the a board and he and a surfer rushed it to the more shark-friendly spot. Here, they attempted to release the young great white for the third time and succeeded in getting it back in the water where it was able to swim back out to sea.

Featured image: YouTube

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