Watch: Kruger visitor exits car to video lions

Posted on 10 October 2019

A video that shows a tourist breaking Kruger National Park rules and endangering his life, by getting out of his car only metres away from lions in order to film them, has been uploaded to YouTube by Christos Kintis.

The incident took place near the Orpen Rest Camp on 1 October and was filmed by another park visitor, who has not been identified.

The video clip shows two lions on the road surrounded by tourists in their vehicles. A man then opens his door and steps out of his car to take photos or videos of the wild animals.

One of the comments posted in reaction to this video says, ‘There’s a clip of the exact same scenario somewhere here on Youtube, where the guy gets out to snap lions. The lions then attack and rip him to pieces in front of his hysterical wife/girlfriend and child. That clip should be shown to this idiot.’

According to  SANParks Regulations, ‘In most of the national parks there is a possible threat from dangerous animals. In such parks guests may only alight from vehicles in designated areas. No part of your body may protrude from a window or sunroof and doors should remain closed at all times’.

In another incident last week, a woman at the Bronx Zoo in New York stepped over the barrier fence into the lion enclosure and waved her arms, taunting the lion. She was separated from the lion by a moat however, it’s not clear if the lion could’ve jumped over the moat had he wanted too. The woman has been identified as Myah Autry and is wanted for criminal trespass by the New York Police Department, who have asked the public to come forward with information on her whereabouts.

‘I want to get closer to him,’ Autry says as she climbs over the wooden fence. ‘Baby! Hi, I love you!’ she continues in the video as she waves her arms and then does a little dance.

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