Watch: Mantimahle male lions stop traffic in Kruger

Posted by Gabrielle Jacobs on 2 January 2019 Tags:,

On 28 December the Facebook page Male Lions of Kruger Park posted a video of a rare sighting of four male lions walking down one of the park’s roadways in the rain.

For spectators safe in their vehicles, the going was slow due to the light downpour, but the pride of lions brought traffic to a sluggish and awe-struck standstill. Cars halted to allow these majestic cats to stroll through boasting black and gold manes.

The Mantimahle lions ambled about at their own pace and were not fussed about their park visitors.

On Facebook the video post garnered hundreds of comments and praise for these regal big cats, and remarked at how peaceful they were and how cool they looked as they patrolled their turf.

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Featured image by Shem Compion

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