WATCH: Monitor lizard runs off with baby crocodile in Kruger

Posted on 24 May 2024

A visitor to Kruger National Park captured the moment when a sneaky monitor lizard stole a baby crocodile from a nest.

Mark Fox – Foxy’s On Safari captured this sighting when she ‘had noticed a female crocodile with eggs near the Vurhami bridge. We would regularly stop on the bridge during drives and watch her protect her clutch of eggs. It was a clear sight from the bridge, so it was easy for us to monitor her eggs every day.’

A monitor lizard was lurking nearby who ‘seemed to know about the eggs.’

‘Every day I would enter the park anxious to check on the crocodile nest’s progress. To my delight, I found eggshells scattered around, evidence of a successful hatching. The mother had managed to protect most of her eggs until birth’ Mark told Latest Sightings

‘However, when I returned to the bridge a few days later, a sense of longing filled the air. The female crocodile was in the water going under every now and again, the monitor lizard, on the other hand watching her closely! The lizard waited for the exact moment the crocodile was out of sight and stole a little, tiny baby croc!’

watch this sneaky monitor lizard in the video below.

Featured image: Screenshot from video

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