WATCH: Hippo hits the suburbs of Grassy Park

Posted on 15 April 2024 By Savanna Douglas

Residents of Cape Town’s Grassy Park spotted a lone hippo roaming the streets of their suburban area on Sunday.

The hippo was spotted roaming the streets of Grassy Park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

As per reports, the hippo – an escape artist – tore through the fence at Rondevlei Nature Reserve – a first for hippos of the reserve, who have recently been spotted by residents who have seen the animals roaming behind their newly fenced-off facility.

Until now, the hippos hadn’t attempted to break out into the streets.

Grassy Parks resident Ashraff Schwartz said that the hippo attempted to make a quick break from police, who had responded to the rather odd call of a hippo roaming the streets.

He adds that the hippo made a b-line for his front door, as the police frightened the wild animal by cornering it.

Thankfully, the hippo did not get further, and hopped the wall of Schwartz’ property, taking the structure down in the process.

“It then turned around and ran up the road but before then, it broke my wall as it jumped over it. Hippos are dangerous animals and could have killed someone. The nature reserve will have to put up stronger fencing for our safety,” he said, as per a report by IOL.

According to a Facebook post made by Cape of Good Hope SPCA, Inspector Trevor Rodney from their Wildlife Department responded to the call, and Quemic Rangers were on the scene within minutes.

The hippo was safely herded back into the reserve in Perth Road.



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