5 Reasons to Visit Japan

Posted on 24 May 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

Japan is an incredibly beautiful destination with a rich cultural heritage. It effortlessly finds itself on the bucket lists of many travel enthusiasts.


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Indeed, there are endless reasons to visit Japan. Here are just five of them:

Incredible natural beauty

Japan is home to incredible landscapes and stunning natural beauty. In fact, the country is taken up by a large expanse of forested hills and mountains. As such, nature lovers are in for much exploration and an overall worthwhile experience. One of the spots worth visiting is the popular Mount Fuji; a stratovolcano which is also the country’s tallest peak.

At atmosphere of politeness and warm hospitality

Japanese people are known for being extremely gracious hosts. They are always willing to help, and are often happy to go out of their way in ensuring that you have a wonderful experience at the destination. Kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness permeate every aspect of Japanese life.

Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites

When exploring Japan, one can find a total of 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thus, there are plenty of interesting historical and cultural attractions to see. Some of the sites worth exploring include the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, as well as the Monuments of Ancient Nara.

Japan pledges to become carbon neutral by 2050 (ready 2)

Castles and stunning architecture

Interestingly, Japan is a land rife with history and relics of the past. One of the most breathtaking elements of the destination’s history are the castles. The interesting fortresses are constructed primarily of wood and stone. Alongside the country’s modern architecture, the castles are an aspect worth exploring when at the destination.

Excellent cuisine

Food plays an incredibly important part in Japanese culture. The destination has a wide range of dishes which are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Moreover, the level of love and respect that goes into food preparation in Japan is awe-inspiring. From 3-star Michelin restaurants to food and drink festivals, Japan has a bit of everything to satisfy every foodie.

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