Destination Fun Facts: Ethiopia

Posted on 8 June 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

Ethiopia is the land of archeological, natural and cultural wonders. The destination boasts stunning landscapes and a kaleidoscope of cultures. As such, a visit to Ethiopia is an experience which is nothing short of interesting and memorable.

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If Ethiopia is on your bucket list, here are some fun facts to consider:

A destination with its own calendar

Ethiopia runs on its own calendar, and a year consists of 13 calendar months. Thus, the destination is 7 years behind everyone who follows the internationally accepted Gregorian calendar.

The birthplace of coffee

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. It was then moved around the world through slave trade and other means. There are several accounts to how the coffee was actually discovered. One of the most popular ones is that a goat herder noticed his flock’s fondness to a particular bush. He tried it himself and was notably more aware and efficient. From there, the coffee industry was birthed.

Coffee beans with a spice aroma. Image by Rob Taylor

Cuisine ideal for vegetarians 

When exploring any destination, it is great to immerse yourself in the culture and to enjoy the cuisine. Ethiopian cuisine consists of some of the healthiest and tastiest meals on the continent. Moreover, most Ethiopians follow an Orthodox Christianity religion which prohibits the consumption of animal products on Wednesdays and Fridays. As such, Ethiopia is a great place to visit if you’re vegetarian. In fact, most food outlets in Ethiopia normally have a variety of tasty vegetarian dishes as part of their offering.

Many, many languages

Ethiopia has five official languages. However, there are over 80 languages which are spoken across its many regions. These also include several local sign languages. English remains the most commonly spoken foreign language.

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