Destination Fun Facts: Jamaica

Posted on 3 April 2024 By Nomvelo Masango

The incredible island of Jamaica offers unforgettable travel experiences. It is known and loved for its pristine beaches, natural beauty, majestic mountains and lush rainforests.


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Whether you’re in search of a relaxing getaway or a unique cultural experience, Jamaica definitely has something for you.

If the destination is on your bucket list, consider these few fun facts before packing your bags.


Picture: Rock Staar / Unsplash

The third largest island in the Caribbean

Although Jamaica is one of the most famous Caribbean islands, it is not the largest one. Rather, Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The two islands in the region which are larger than Jamaica are Cuba and Hispaniola.

Fascinating flowers and orchids

Jamaica is popular for its abundance of flora.  At the destination, you can find different plant-life, including beautiful Jamaican orchids. There are over 200 species of exotic orchids on the island, and a total of 73 of them are indigenous.

Rare and expensive coffee

Jamaica cultivates one of the world’s rarest and most expensive coffees known as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. It is relatively expensive as it takes longer to harvest. Additionally, the altitude and gradient of the hills unfortunately make it extremely difficult to produce a crop, thus making the coffee super rare.

The home of Raggae music

Bob Marley, one of the world’s most influential musicians in history, was born in Jamaica. The distinctive Caribbean melodies and rhythms of Raggae music can be found throughout Jamaica. There are also a number of recording studios where Raggae music is produced.


Picture: Rock Staar / Unsplash

A unique and meaningful flag

Jamaica’s flag features black, green and gold. This is a unique combination exclusive to the country. It is also the only flag in the world that does not share any colours of the American flag.

Picture: Joey Nicotra / Unsplash

Each of these colours carry special meaning to the country and its people. The black depicts difficulties, strength and creativity of the people. The green stands for hope and agricultural resources. Gold stands for natural wealth and the beauty of sunlight.

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