Unique landscapes across the world that look like Mars

Posted on 25 March 2024 By Louise Bell

While Elon Musk plans to visit Mars with a medley of individuals, it’s safe to say that most of us earthlings will stay behind. Luckily, our biodiversity is so diverse, you’ll be able to witness red-dusted landscapes while you’re on Earth!

Wondering where these ruby red environments reside on the planet? We’ll guide you through some unique landscapes that will be sure to make you feel like you’ve made it to this rocky planet.

Hormuz Island


Unsplash\MohamadAmin Taheri

Also referred to as the Rainbow Island, this colourful location within the Persian Gulf is a sight to behold. With red soil and even garnet-tinted sea water, this island is filled with wonderfully vibrant sightings within its bounds. 

The redness from the earth is due to a high concentration of iron oxide, which is used for a variety of production uses (such as natural dye and ceramic infusions). Another contributor to its space-esque vibe is the rainbow-hued egg-shaped domes within Hormuz Village. These urban developments would be the perfect landscape to use in a film to portray a bright space colony.

Red Beach in Panjin

A popular tourist attraction in China, the Red Beach captivating landscape that is interestingly not named for any presence of scarlet-tinted sand. Rather, it’s a large wetlands landscape that transforms into a sea of red-coloured plant life form in autumn. This is due to the specific seaweed species that absorb large quantities of saline from the surrounding saltwater concentration.

Seven Coloured Earths in Mauritius

Unsplash/Dan DY

While Mauritius is usually characterised as an island getaway destination, this country has a colourful hidden gem to discover within its midst. Near the village of Chamarel, you’ll be able to witness the wonders of a geopark which has a marked clearing to present the rainbow-hued sand on the premises.

While not completely red in colour, you’ll be able to spot a swirling sensation of colours nonetheless that bears the appearance of an otherworldly environment.

Namibia’s desert dunes

With a mesmerising sight that could have easily been a setting in the movie Dune, the red-hued dunes of Namibia are an unforgettable sight. This seemingly endless network of dunes also has an accommodation option in order to enjoy this Mars-like territory from sunrise to sunset.

The Namib Desert Lodge, within the folds of these dazzling dunes, is the perfect place to set up camp and spend a few days in this unique environment.

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