Jacarandas in SA | What to know & where to see

Posted on 12 April 2024 By Louise Bell

Whether it’s the soft purple pastel from its flowers or the autumn hues, the leaves turn in winter; there is an inexplicable charm associated with the flowering tree. While many might believe the Jacaranda tree is a timeless staple species in some cities, this pretty plant is considered an invasive species.

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While there are legality issues surrounding planting this tree, there are still many places where you can see the stunning spectacle of a Jacaranda in its prime. Need help figuring out how to start your adventure of finding and learning more about this beautiful tree? Take a look at a few key points to note on your Jacaranda journey ahead.

When do Jacarandas bloom in South Africa?

These trees are in peak flowering from late September to November, and it is a wonder whether you see blooming buds in the trees or flowers peppered on paths. So, if you find yourself in areas with a high population of Jacarandas, such as Johannesburg and Pretoria, during spring, you’ll be able to see their flowers in full bloom.

Where to see Jacarandas

While the odd Jacaranda tree can be found scattered across the country, some specific cities have an array of Jacaranda-infused locations to choose from.

Kensington (Johannesburg)

Johannesburg is known for having Jacarandas lined several neighbourhood streets, giving this urban space lovely lavender-hued roads. The suburb of Kensington has a number of these streets to observe and enjoy, one of which is Highland Road.

Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff (Johannesburg) 

If you’re looking for a luxury setting while enjoying the picturesque view of Jacaranda trees, this 5-star hotel in the City of Gold is the place to be. This eloquent establishment is known for making Jacaranda season a true spectacle.

Their afternoon tea service becomes infused with lilac Jacaranda-inspired treats during the flowering season. By visiting this swanky space during the blooming season, you’ll be able to soak in the pleasurable setting of these trees while sipping and nibbling the day away.

Klapperkop Nature Reserve (Pretoria)

Lovingly nicknamed the Jacaranda City, it’s easy to see why Pretoria is a popular hub for exploring various locations and catching a glimpse of this purple foliage. One of the top spots to be in awe of this species’ natural beauty is the Klapperkop Nature Reserve.

Klapperkop has a popular viewpoint from which visitors can see hundreds of these blooming trees in the surrounding streets below. From this spot, you’ll possibly be able to spot the lesser-known white Jacaranda trees. This is also an excellent option for individuals looking for a location with something beyond merely looking at Jacarandas, as this reserve is a great space for mountain biking and hiking.

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