12 unique potjie dishes to try

Posted on 8 July 2021

Forget sourdough recipes and the various home brewing concoctions making the lockdown rounds on social media at the moment. The art of potjie making is a staple of South African cooking.

It brings many together to share from one pot and is the way to go when loadshedding strikes. With most South Africans at home for the lockdown, you’ll have plenty of time to get the fire going. Grab your cast-iron pot and embrace the slow bubbling of some delicious potjiekos!

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Here are some savoury – and sweet! – potjie recipes to try while you’re at home:

Stews, bredies and curries


South Africa is a meat-loving nation, but why not ditch the meat and keep your standard potjie veg mix. Add different textures and some protein with legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and your choice of beans.


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Butternut bredie

This fragrant dish includes some delicious spices and makes for a delicious winter potjie. Find the recipe here.

Image: Brandon de Kock.


A pot of curry is a delicious winter warmer. Spice up your traditional potjie and try a seafood or mussel pot. If you really want to change things up, try an aromatic Thai-style potjie.

Make sure your sound is on for the full volume while watching this short clip:


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Potjiekos dumplings

Another popular potjiekos favourite is to make dumplings. Add your dumplings to the pot when your meat is nearly done cooking.

Oxtail potjie

If you’re tired of your traditional lamb, chicken or beef potjie, why not indulge in a hearty oxtail pot?


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Make a traditional plain ‘loaf’ or else mix it up with ingredients such as corn, cheese, herbs or even beer.


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This is a fun potbrood tweak that makes it easier for everyone to dig in and simply pull the bread apart.


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Potjie puds

Check out these yummy sweet treats you can bake on the fire. Recipes courtesy of Jan Braai.


Everyone has something to say about who makes the best malva pudding, but have you ever tried making it over the coals in a cast-iron pot?

Apple tart 

From the stewed apples to the crumble, you can enjoy this classic even when you cook it over the coals.

Find the recipe here.

Image: Jan Braai

Giant blueberry muffin

Try this unique Jan Braai recipe. You can find the recipe here.

Image: Jan Braai

Carrot cake potjie

Here’s another spicy, fragrant favourite that you can bake over the fire. Find the recipe here.

Image: Jan Braai

Chocolate fondant potjie

Some things are just better with chocolate, and potjies are no different.

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