Cape Town markets in photos: City Bowl Market on Hope Street

Posted by Adel Groenewald on 30 November 2012

Weekly food markets in Cape Town are becoming more and more popular. So much so that it’s hard to keep track of the day of the week and the market in question. But to be honest, this is a trend that I really don’t mind seeing escalate. In fact, some of my best lunches and Saturday breakfasts have been at markets. So in order for you to take a peak inside some of these markets (and get inspired for your next lunch mission in town) I’m putting together a little series of photo blogs on the different food markets around Cape Town’s city bowl starting with the mid-week ones. The ones that are perfect for a sunny lunch break or a quick pitstop after work to stock up on deliciousness.

The City Bowl Market on Hope Street started as a weekend market on Saturday mornings. But recently it’s become such a popular stop for buuying fresh fruits and vegetables and delicious ready-made dinners that they extended it to Thursdays as well. It starts at 16h30, making a quick stop here after work easy. But you’ll soon realise that the atmosphere is so wonderful that you’ll end up staying for a beer, a cocktail, a brownie or some dinner. Tuck into everything from seafood paella and dim sum to curries and cupcakes. Taste a few pesto’s and preserves as you make your way from the one stall to the next.

The City Bowl Market takes place every Thursday from 16h30 to 20h30 as well as Saturdays from 09hh0 to 14h00. Visit their website here.

Scroll down for more must-visit mid-week markets around Cape Town

City Bowl Market on Hope Street

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Some of Cape Town’s mid-week markets


The Village Market at Cape Quarter
Cape Quarter Shopping Centre
10h – 15h00


Earthfair Market at St Georges Mall
St Georges Mall
11h00 –  15h00 

City Bowl Market
Hope Street
16h30 – 20h30


French food market at Alliance Francais
155 Loop Street
10h00 – 14h00

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